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Bucket Trucks 30ft - 45ft Working Height In Stock

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2010 Versalift SST-40-EIH

Versalift SST-40-EIH 2010Ford 4x2 F-550 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:7140-V201
Boom:Versalift SST-40-EIH
Working Height:45'
Engine:6.4L Diesel
Mileage:69,777 - (New Engine at 67,058)
Description:2010 Ford F-550 4x2 with a Diesel Engine (replaced at 67,058 miles) and an Automatic Transmission with a Versalift SST-40-EIH, 45' workheight , Telescoping and Articulating, Insulated bucket truck.
Price:Call for Price
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2014 Versalift VST-40-MHI

Versalift VST-40-MHI 2014Dodge Ram 5500 4x4 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:7143-5101
Boom:Versalift VST-40-MHI
Working Height:45'
Engine:Cummins Diesel
Description:2013 Dodge Ram 5500 4x4 with a Cummins Diesel Engine and an Allison Automatic Transmission with a Versalift VST-40-MHI, Insulated, Telescoping & Articulating, Material Handling, 45' Workheight Aerial Bucket Truck.
Price:Call for Price
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0 Versalift SST 40 EIH

Versalift SST 40 EIH 0N/A N/A Bucket Truck

Stock Number:U030003
Boom:Versalift SST 40 EIH
Working Height:45
Description:2003 Versalift SST 40 Aerial Device. Boom Only Ready To Mount On Your Truck Sale Price $18,900.00
Price:Call for Price
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1998 Versalift VSY3600I

Versalift VSY3600I 1998Chevrolet C3500 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:U071942
Boom:Versalift VSY3600I
Working Height:41
Description:1998 Chevrolet C3550 Versalift VST3600I
Price:Call for Price
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2004 VO43I FR040003

VO43I FR040003 2004Internatinal 4300 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:U105403
Boom:VO43I FR040003
Working Height:43
Description:2004 International with a Versalift VO43I.
Price:Call for Price
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2008 TEREX TL37M

TEREX TL37M 2008Chevrolet C5500 4X4 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:U415500
Working Height:42
Engine:Duramax Diesel
Description:2008 Chevrolet C5500 4X4 Duramax Diesel Bucket Truck With A Terex TL37M, Articulating and Telescopic Aerial Device Going to Paint and Line-X
Price:Call for Price
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2000 Posi-Plus 800-40-020

Posi-Plus 800-40-020 2000GMC C6500 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:U523511
Boom:Posi-Plus 800-40-020
Working Height:35
Description:2000 GMC C6500 with PosiPlus Lift non-insulated aerial platform with 35' working height
Price:Call for Price
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2007 Versalift SST 37 EIH

Versalift SST 37 EIH 2007Ford F550 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:UA51965
Boom:Versalift SST 37 EIH
Working Height:42
Description:2007 FORD F550 Powerstroke turbo diesel/automatic Transmission with a Versalift SST37EIH Single Man, Articulating, Telescopic Aerial Device, Line-X bed, ready to roll
Price:Call for Price
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2012 Versalift Tel29N

Versalift Tel29N 2012Ford E350 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:UB36163
Boom:Versalift Tel29N
Working Height:34
Description:2012 Ford E350 Bucket Truck With A Versalift Tel29n Telescopic Aerial Device. automatic Transmission 34'
Price:Call for Price
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2002 Hi Ranger HR37M

Hi Ranger HR37M 2002Ford F 550 4X4 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:UB48165
Boom:Hi Ranger HR37M
Working Height:42
Engine:7.3L PowerStroke Diesel
Description:2002 Ford F550 4X4 7.3L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel with an Automatic Transmission. Hi-Ranger HR37M Single Man, Insulated, Articulating Boom with Material Handler. Complete Leveling System Update w/ new Rods, Chains and Gears.
Price:Call for Price
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2004 Versalift Tel29N

Versalift Tel29N 2004Ford F450 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:UB85895
Boom:Versalift Tel29N
Working Height:35
Engine:V10 Triton
Description:2004 Ford F450 Gas Engine With A Versalift Tel29 Enclosed Utility Body Bucket Truck AS IS HOW IT IS
Price:Call for Price
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2008 Versalift SST37NE-01

Versalift SST37NE-01 2008Ford F450 Bucket Truck

Stock Number:UD86317
Boom:Versalift SST37NE-01
Working Height:42
Engine:V8 Powerstroke Diesel
Description:2008 Ford F450 with a Versalift SST37NE-01 Non-Insulated, Articulating, Telescopic, Bucket Truck.
Price:Call for Price
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