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A 4x4 first: Bobcat's new 2200 is company's first utility vehicle to feature IntelliTrak 4x4 system

Published in: Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date: 1/1/2005
By: Geske, Dawn M.

While Bobcat Co. certainly isn't a newcomer in the utility vehicle market, the launch of its 2200 UTV is its debut in the 4x4 arena. The new 4x4 model is the first in the company's UTV series to feature its IntelliTrak system, a fully automatic four-wheel drive system designed to target the tough applications of contractors, hobby farmers, ranchers, landowners and outdoorsmen.

"The 2200 is a great addition to our family, which already includes the 4x2 2100, the four passenger 2100S and the task-minded Toolcat 5600 utility work machine," said Brad Claus, Bobcat utility product manger. "By adding the 4x4 model to the Bobcat lineup, we are increasing the number of solutions we can offer this market."

The vehicle is offered with two power options, Honda's GX620 gasoline engine or a Kubota D722 diesel. The 614 cc Honda engine is a V-twin, OHV four stroke air-cooled engine rated 20 hp at 3600 rpm while the 719 cc Kubota engine is a three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel rated 20 hp at 3600 rpm. For cooling, the Kubota engine is fitted with a Copar radiator and both engines are packaged with Donaldson air cleaners.

Ground power for the vehicle originates from its IntelliTrak drive system, a fully enclosed continuously variable transmission (CVT) with automatic four-wheel drive and locking differential. The belt-driven transmission, a joint development with Team Industries, Bagley, Minn., supplies power to the wheels as needed and automatically engages the Hilliard differential lock in the front Team axle as required. According to Bobcat, this allows the vehicle to travel without shifting gears, stopping or manually locking the differential even during rough terrain or inclines.

"These traction characteristics give the 2200 exceptional climbing ability and off-road performance," said Claus. "The IntelliTrak system provides power to all Four wheels as needed, preventing one, two or three wheels from spinning without the fourth, so all Four wheels must spill together in low traction conditions.

"Turning with the IntelliTrak system is also easy because of automatic locking differential which not only engages when needed, but also disengages when turning," Claus added. "So the 2200 not only gives the best off-road traction, but turns lightly on turf and pavement without causing damage to the ground, tires or drive components."

The UTV also includes four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with Wilwood brake calipers, Team rear axles, double A-arm front and double swing-arm rear suspension and the option of Carlisle rear all-terrain or Titan mud tires. Travel speed for the UTV is 25 mph.

The UTV incorporates an all-aluminum, tubular frame, weighing 1361 lb. when configured as a gasoline option and 1433 lb. as a diesel. Its 15.3 cu.ft. rear box features an 800 lb. capacity and is available with a dumping feature which uses a single Danaher industrial actuator rated to 1500 lb. Standard on the UTV are bucket seats, certified ROPS bar and front bush guard. Options include a cab enclosure and winch.

Bobcat, West Fargo, N.D., manufactures the 2200 4x4 UTV at Club Car--like Bobcat, a subsidiary of Ingersoll-Rand--in Augusta, Ga. The facility also produces Club Car's new Carryall 294 4x4 vehicle which also features the IntelliTrak CVT and Honda's GX engine or Kubota D722 diesel.


Bobcat Co. has introduced a turbo version of its 5600 Toolcat utility work machine. The new model is powered by a larger Kubota engine and has the option of 26 gpm high-flow auxiliary hydraulics to power higher capacity attachments.

"The high-flow hydraulics on the Toolcat 5600 are obtained by combining flow of the existing pumps," explained Mike Henline, Toolcat product manager for the West Fargo, N.D.-based company. "The other item needed for high-flow hydraulics is a turbo engine to provide the support pox\or required."

Bobcat equipped the new turbo machine with Kubota's 2 L, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled V2003 turbo diesel rated 56 hp at 2800 rpm. The standard engine offering on the Toolcat includes Kubota's four-cylinder V2203 engine rated 46 hp.

The engine powers the same two-speed hydrostatic drive system as its predecessor, consisting of a pair of Bosch Rexroth axial piston pumps and a Comer powertrain. The Four-wheel drive is mated with a dynamic suspension, all-wheel steer and flex and axle oscillation, which Bobcat said keeps all the tires on the ground for increased traction.

A separate three-section Cassapa pump assembly powers the Toolcat's Eaton Char-Lynn. steering motor and dump box cylinder, 1500 lb. capacity loader and auxiliary hydraulic circuit. Bobcat; high-flow option increases this 18 gpm hydraulic system to 26 gpm by adding a valve section to the Cassapa pump assembly which combines the flow of the loader and auxiliary circuits. This. Henline said, allows the operator to select how much flow is diverted to the auxiliary attachment, allocating higher flow for attachments which need it.

While the Toolcat work vehicle is compatible with more than 20 different attachments, Bobcat said it added the high-flow option on the Turbo model to increase the machine's versatility and performance. The Turbo Toolcat can be mated with higher capacity attachments such as the high-flow snow blower, wood chipper, stump grinder and flail mower, all geared toward grounds maintenance, park departments, municipalities, schools and medical restitutions, golf courses, nurseries, landscape and farming applications.

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