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Chipper overview

Published in: Arbor Age
Date: 11/1/2005


Hurricane 18, Tornado 15, Twister 12, Storm 12, Blizzard 12 and Cyclone 6. Morbark brush chipper models have changed and their looks spruced up, but the same features remain--with some added benefits.

The reversing auto feed system is one of these many important features. Standard on the Hurricane 18, which is also available with loader and platform, the reversing auto feed increases productivity and engine efficiency. This system makes it possible to not only stop the feed system, but also to briefly reverse the material away from the drum, allowing the chipper to regain its rpms even quicker, resulting in increased fuel economy. The Hurricane, with an 18-inch diameter chipping capacity, withstands rigorous daily abuse. The Hurricane is equipped with a durable, height adjustable, 360-degree discharge chute and with replaceable knife holders on the drum. The patented, integrated air system is located in the chipper housing to provide controlled airflow to assist in carrying light, leafy material into the back of the truck.

On the Tornado 15, the infeed opening has been expanded for increased chipping capacity--from 13 inches to 15 inches. As with the Hurricane 18, the Tornado is also built with a reversing auto feed system. Ease of maintenance is also an important component of productivity. In this line of thinking, Morbark designed all of its brush chippers so that knife changes can take place in as little as 10 minutes, and that includes the Tornado. There are no nuts or washers behind the knife to fall into the chipper housing. In addition, the dual cylinders on the top feed wheel use live hydraulics to lift the feed wheel for quick routine maintenance and inspections without engaging the chipper drum.

Morbark also offers three 12-inch-diameter capacity machines, the Twister, Storm and Blizzard.

The Twister is an economical 12-inch drum-style machine for the smaller tree service and landscape company. A welded infeed and an increased chipping capacity are among the benefits added to the Twister. This machine is built standard with a two-knife drum. Making two cuts per evolution instead of one, the additional knife drum translates into greater productivity and increased efficiency. In addition, the Twister is equipped with live hydraulics, allowing the hydraulic system to be operated without requiring the chipper to be engaged. It's also available with a built-on chip box and as a PTO unit.

For a larger feed wheel opening--18 inches X 12 inches--Morbark offers the Blizzard. The Blizzard 12 weighs 5,700 pounds and has horsepower ranges from 80 to 115. Standard equipment includes a large-diameter single top feed wheel that easily walks up on larger-diameter material, an adjustable discharge deflector, air impeller, hydraulic feed wheel lift, telescoping tongue and a live engine-driven hydraulic system.

For those who prefer a 12-inch disc-style chipper, Morbark offers the Storm, with its heavy-duty housing and bearings. The pivot-arm style feed system was deigned to add even more life to the Storm. Other features include the heavy-duty tubular frame construction, fuel and hydraulic tanks mounted on rubber isolators, and an easily adjustable chip deflector on the discharge chute.

For a smaller machine with all the rugged durability of its big brothers, Morbark offers the Cyclone 6. Also available in a PTO version, the Cyclone is a compact workhorse. The modular frame, with is streamlined construction and the heavy-duty 2-inch ball coupler connected to a rugged 3-inch X 4-inch towing tongue, is an example of the Cyclone's rugged design.

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Bandit Industries, Inc.

Bandit Industries manufactures a line of 6-, 9-, 12-, 14-, 15- and 18-inch-diameter capacity hand-fed tree and brush chippers. Bandit's 6-inch model 65XL is a disc-style chipper for landscape pruning and processing brush and stringy materials such as palm fronds. The 65XL is built with high tensile steel, which provides strength while limiting weight. This high-production chipper is popular with landscapers, municipal and park recreation departments, tree services for trimming and many homeowners who want a commercial grade chipper for cleaning up unwanted tree waste on their property. The 65XL is an ideal rental chipper because it is compact yet rugged. A wide opening allows it to chip multiple pieces and limby materials, and will keep two people busy. A variety of gasoline and diesel engines are offered from 25 to 35 horsepower.

Two 9-inch disc-style Brush Bandits are also offered--the model 90 and 95. The model 95 is especially effective in southern and western coastal areas where stringy materials such as palm fronds are found. The model 95 is popular with landscapers and commercial tree contractors because it is ideal for brush, trimmings, and both smaller and larger trees. These compact chippers are rugged, compact and easy to tow. Commercial operations that deal with a limited amount of tree take-downs, and whose primary focus is on trimmings, tend to utilize these units because they are economical to run and are lighter in weight, allowing for a smaller towing vehicle. They are available with a variety of gas and diesel engine options from all the major engine manufacturers with up to 90 horsepower.

Bandit's 12-inch Brush Bandits are most commonly used for disposing of unwanted tree waste. Three disc style 12-inch-diameter capacity Brush Bandit chippers are available: the model 150, which is known for its economy; the model 2004, which is equipped with a faster feed rate and more features; and the 250. A self-propelled CAT 325 undercarriage is available on all 12-inch units.

The disc style 14-inch model 254 provides greater capacity and production without the extra weight and bulk of an 18-inch unit. It features a 302-square-inch opening. A loader option is offered, taking the backbreaking work out of feeding large pieces and piles of brush. A self-propelled CAT 325 undercarriage is available.

The 18-inch-capacity disc-style model 280 and 280HD have large chipper openings and powerful feed systems that limit trimming and wood preparation. These units chip smoothly with few hang-ups and allow users to chip as much of the tree as possible at the point of take-down and also handles all types of brush. They are recommended for those wanting to chip a steady diet of larger diameter materials. A self-propelled CAT 325 undercarriage is available.

If a drum is more your style, the 12-inch model 1290H is a compact chipper with an oversized drum.

The 15-inch model 1590 "Big Drum" features a 37-inch diameter drum. Materials is chipped with case and less vibration, making a more uniform chip while consuming less fuel.

The 18-inch-diameter capacity drum-style model 1890 Intimidator has a powerful hydraulic feed system. It features an opening of 20-1/2 inches X 24 inches, a two-wheel horizontal feed system, and a sloping infeed at an ideal height for feeding multiple stems or for sliding heavy material. A chip discharge system reduces the chance of plugging and ensures fully loaded chip vans. A self-propelled CAT 305 undercarriage is available.

Dynamic Manufacturing

Dynamic Manufacturing's line of patented Cone-Head chippers has been expanded even further with the introduction of the Discone series. Two models of the Discone are available with the 12-inch DC-50 and 15-inch DC-55.

Following the pattern of all Cone-Head chippers, the DC-50 and DC-55 boast the same angles and same style cutting drum. Independent testing has proven the Cone-Head drum to be 21 to 63 percent more efficient than conventional designs. The knife angle of all Cone-Head and Discone drums creates a slicing/shearing action as it chips. This translates into lower fuel consumption, less horsepower requirements and longer knife life per ton produced.

The term "Discone" is descriptive of the actual cutting drum as it combines both a "disc" and a "drum" all in one solid component. Starting with the Cone-Head drum, a 40-inch-diameter disc is welded to the larger diameter end of the cone. This configuration produces the flywheel effect and discharge capability found in a disc-style machine. The momentum created allows more continuous feeding without the loss of drum speed and discharge velocity.

The DC-55 is rated in the 15-inch-diameter class. Operators are easily able to fit brush and limbs into the 74-inch-wide X 40-inch-high infeed chute. Materials flow freely into the 25-inch-wide X 20-inch-high opening at the dual feed wheels. Hydraulic down pressure assist is standard to aid in crushing and pulling in large crotches and limbs. The standard electronic auto feed system requires minimum attention by an operator as the machine virtually works by itself.

Maintenance and serviceability are key features of the Discone DC-55. All grease fittings and lube points are easily accessible. Knife changes take 10 minutes or less as they are accessible by simply unlocking and opening the chipper lid.

Heavy-duty construction starts at the 6-inch channel frame. Welded plate steel is used throughout to ensure durability and long life. The finish is a two-stage prime-and-paint, using DuPont Imron industrial paint. Weighing more than 7,000 pounds, the DC-55 is a durable machine. A variety of engine options are available up to 140 horsepower.

The DC-55 is able to process larger diameters yet without the extra weight that a true disc-style machine would require.

For municipalities and smaller productions, the 12-inch DC-50 fits most applications. Weighing 5,000 pounds, it varies only in weight and capacity from the DC-55, and with fewer standard features. However, it hits a price point for those users who must work within tight budget restraints, yet demand peak performance as well as high production.

Discone technology works particularly well for chipping palm and other types of stringy fibrous material or material that has high moisture content. The knife angle of the Discone cutting system actually chips rather than shreds palm. The 6-inch X 6-inch paddles mounted on the disc portion of the Discone act to throw as well as generate tremendous airflow to blow material, thereby minimizing plugging. The result is tighter packed loads and less downtime dealing with clogs.

With the addition of the Discone DC-50 and DC-55, the family of Cone-Head chippers now includes 10 models ranging in size from 10 inches to 22 inches and up to 325 horsepower.

Vermeer Manufacturing Co.

The BC1800XL brush chipper from Vermeer Manufacturing Company combines increased speed, larger capacity and enhanced operator safety. Powered by either a 115-horsepower or a 170-horsepower John Deere diesel engine, this chipper can cut through 19-inch-diameter material for improved efficiency on land clearing and residential job sites.

A new drum design that features a sheave upgrade from 8.5 inches to 9.25 inches in diameter has increased the drum speed by nearly 10 percent. This additional acceleration allows the BC1800XL to process larger, harder material with greater chip throwing velocity and distance. Increased feed roller torque and a hydraulic over pressure sensor have combined to allow larger material to be processed with less material handling.

The standard chute rotation device on the BC1800XL is a "worm gear" hand crank modeled after the successful BC1000 design, which allows for infinite chute positions and quick direction changes.

A four-position feed-control bar is equipped with dual stop positions in addition to the forward and reverse positions. The patent-pending bottom-feed stop bar is strategically located to make it possible for the operator to strike the bar and stop the feed rollers automatically in emergency situations. With its two sensitivity settings, the operation of the bar can be adjusted to meet the demands of difficult chipping conditions.

The BC1800XL comes standard with the patent-pending SmartFeed system, which monitors engine rpm rates and automatically stops the feed rollers to enhance production. A reset/hold-to-run button allows users to temporarily override the upper feed and lower control bars. While holding the button, a limb with wide branches will continue feeding, even if it moves either bar to a stop position. When the limb is finished feeding, the upper bar can be easily returned to the forward feed position to continue normal chipping.

Vermeer Manufacturing also recently introduced the new Vermeer BC1400XL drum-style chipper, a next-generation machine designed for tree care contractors and municipalities. With a 122-horsepower CAT engine, a 45-gallon fuel tank that allows (approximately) 17-plus hours of continuous operation, large gauges for easy monitoring and a solid, precision-balanced 22.5-inch-diameter drum, the BC1400XL has the features needed for high-production chipping projects. An optional 2,000-pound winch aids in gathering and lifting large, heavy material.


Kershaw introduced the new generation of Klearway 800 and 1200 brush cutters, featuring the John Deere model 6068 turbo-charged Tier II engine. This all-terrain brush cutter is available with a choice of 185-, 225-, 250- or 275-horsepower engine. Equipped with a ROPS climate-controlled cab, powershift transmission, and hydrostatic four-wheel drive. Cutterheads can vary from an 8-foot twin-disk rotary axe type to a 10-foot twin-disk rotary axe or a choice of any of the shredder type cutterheads available from other manufacturers. Tire options include 28-inch, 34-inch or 43-inch tires. Additional options allow you to tailor a brush cutter to meet your specific needs.

KERSHAW / 800-633-5766


The Master IV features an extra thick Dri-Lex back pad that wicks moisture away from the user providing superior comfort. The newly redesigned quick connect buckles make getting into and adjusting the saddle easy. On the waist and leg straps, six suspension loops provide multiple tie-in options. Formed work positioning Dee Rings make attaching a lanyard effortless. Accessory snap, mini carabiner, gear loops and multiple steel rings provide ample storage for gear and accessories.

BUCKINGHAM MFG. CO., INC. / 607-773-2400

Circle 171 on Reader Service Card or


The Silky Longboy 360 folding telescoping pole saw extends to 12 feet. Super-lightweight (only 4.3 pounds) and extremely compact (length of only 4.8 feet when poles are stored), it easily fits in the trunk of any car. Equipped with aggressive, curved, chrome-plated 14-1/5-inch blade with non-set, taper-ground, impulse-hardened 6-tpi teeth configuration. The advanced-designed special SKS-5 high-tech alloy steel blade provides significantly improved cutting efficiency and maintains superior wear-resistant cutting edge. Additional oval-profile pole features include new ergonomic non-slip over grip design and pole end shock absorber. The Longboy comes with a plastic high-visibility sheath that securely locks to the lower pole when blade is folded.


THE SILKY STORE / 888-605-0001

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Samson has developed Velocity Hot, a new variation of Samson's popular Velocity, launched just one year ago. Velocity was designed to meet the arborist industry's need for a lightweight climbing line. In response to numerous requests from professional arborists, the same great line is now available in high-visibility red, orange and white color combination. Research shows that this color combination is one of the easiest to spot in a tree. The original line, now named Velocity Cool, and its new counterpart, Velocity Hot, are easy to use, easy to splice and feel broken in right out of the bag due to Samson's "Sure Grip" technology. Velocity's performance features will ensure that arborists will be able to do their jobs safely and effectively, but with a lot less weight.


SAMSON / 360-384-4669


The new uniMAX 750 automatic grinding machine sharpens carbide-tipped circular saw blades quickly and efficiently. Manufactured in Europe and available from Colonial Saw in North America, it is fully enclosed for cleanliness and safety, and its rigid machine base provides stability. The uniMAX 750 has standard programs to accommodate all common tooth types on saw blades from 100mm to 750mm in diameter. The machine features a hydraulic clamping system that holds the blade rigidly during grinding, assuring superior finish grind quality. A large window provides a clear view of the grinding wheel, and an internal diagnostic program identifies faults. At the unit's central control panel, the operator programs the grinding based on the shape and angle of the blade's teeth, the number of teeth, etc.

COLONIAL SAW / 781-585-4364


Timberwolf Manufacturing Corporation introduced a new log splitter for the skid-steer market. Timberwolf's line is constantly expanding. Their new TW-S3 splitter fills a void for many contractors who will now be able to use their existing skid-steer to manage their logs and split them using a simple attachment. The TW-S3 splitter is built to rugged commercial standards in the USA, and it splits logs up to 30 inches long. Simple mechanical systems make service quick and painless. The operator moves and splits logs without leaving his seat. The TW-S3 easily grips whole logs, is powered by a single hydraulic cylinder, and features a compact design




A modern designed chain saw based on the popular 360, the 352s upholds the company's renewed commitment in developing a full range of modern and high-quality chain saws. At only 35.2-cc displacement, 2.5 horsepower, the 352s packs a lot of professional features in a small, lightweight package. For example, an inertia chain brake system, dual bar studs, easy pull Sure Start recoil starting system, and a convenient thumb screw access on the air filter cover. For operator convenience, the 352s also comes standard with both a nylon mesh air filter for damp climates, and a flocked air filter for dry, dusty conditions. Available in 14-inch or 16-inch bar lengths

SHINDAIWA, INC. / 800-521-7733

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